Photos 2018/1

Photos 2018/1

Construction of a Water PipeBrowse

As a start the water source and the whole way was measured in detail and marked with stones. It runs from the source across country, up and down of more than one hill for two kilometers until it reaches the two houses. The families did the digging on their own. Stones, which could not be removed, were covered with earth so that the hose won't get damaged. Such a thick hose is on one hand cheaper and on the other hand more flexible and therefore better suited for this area than tubes. The source was enclosed with cement so that only clean water reaches the houses and that it can be cleaned easily. Before the actual work on the source could start, an offering in the form of coca and beer was required. With this we apologized by Mother Earth for the changes and the disturbances associated with it and asked for constant water in the future. Maribel is happy about the water in front of her house because now her parents don't send her to the next lake to fetch water anymore.

Roofing of a Green-HouseBrowse

First everything is measured once more to ensure that the beams are put in the correct place. Afterwards Juan repairs the hand-saw with a pair of pliers and then the work can begin. When the beams are in place, the bows can be implemented, and the wooden laths are fixed with wire. The plastic film is pulled over and "Champa", a kind of peat, holds it in place. Evaristo in the door of his green-house. Now he can continue with the inside work on his own. While the adults worked the children used the time for playing.

Hair-washing after SportsBrowse

When it doesn't rain on Thursday morning the sport for the classes 4 to 6 could take place according to plan. Afterwards it was time for hair washing as there are no showers. The boys finished much faster and could use the time for playing.

Vitamin-Infusion under Special CircumstancesBrowse

The MINSA, the Peruvian health ministry, forces women to go to a hospital for giving birth. In case they had been hiding they have to face penalties. Teodora is once more an example of a "trust-building measurement" gone wrong. After the birth she suffered from an infection and felt bad. She was released and sent home to Chupani in this condition. Of course, Alipio took care of her. To provide the recovery with a final boost she received a special infusion with vitamins.

Construction of Juan's ShowerBrowse

In a first step the small shower-house was built. It is a so called "sun-shower" as it is based on solar energy but without the usage of a solar panel. Black water pipes are put behind glass. The water flows slowly through it and gets heated until it reaches the storage cubicle. Alipio and Juan had decided to use pipes with quite a big diameter due to the high pressure of the water. But this had the disadvantage that a lot of hours of sunshine are required to heat the water in accordance. Consequently, we swapped these pipes with ones with a smaller diameter. After the finalization of the interior with tiles and storage space, it was time for the inauguration.

Additional Spanish-LessonsBrowse

The teachers provide additional Spanish classes. According to the curriculum this is planned from fourth grade only. Here the children learn their first words in pre-school already e.g. to practice counting. In the grades one to three they practice simple dialogues. In the grades four to six they receive additional lessons in the afternoon combined with drawing and painting. The resulting pictures are discussed in longer dialogues. Math’s, rules for living together, etc. are in Spanish as well. The goal is that the children can follow their lessons in secondary school, which are in Spanish only, without any problem and consequently don't lose one or two years simply because of language issues.


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